Travelling toddlers – what have we done!! 

Is road tripping around Australia with a 1 and 2 year old as bad as it sounds????

The answer is yes!!

But it’s currently 4 degrees in Melbourne and trying to do anything with 2 toddlers is a nightmare so I know where I would rather be!!

If you have ever been in a car with a toddler (specially one of ours) you can understand why I would rather be tied to the roof than be in the front seat of the car on travel days.

If not picture this, wiggles playing on repeat, (I could just finish there as no body over the ages of 3 wants to listen to the wiggles at all let alone on repeat for 6 hours), breaking my back turning around every 5 seconds to either, break up a fight pick up a toy thats been thrown on the floor (for the 100th time), pass them food, pass them a drink, hold hands, calm one down from screaming for no reason then calm the other down just because they both can’t be happy at the same time and I’m sure you get the picture by now!

Theses are the days I honestly think “what have we done?”!!!! So we worked out we should just stay at places longer and travel shorter distances.

The days we don’t travel, well they are great! I mean we still have a million tantrums and  toddler melt downs but one I don’t have to do it alone and two I’m camping so I can just have a drink and no body is judging me.

Despite all of that, this has been the best experience for us all. The boys are learning and developing so much, Theodore who was diagnosed with a speech delay now doesn’t shut up just 6 weeks later, Vinnie is walking and talking and has gone from a baby to a cheeky toddler and although they might not remember much of this trip, the benefits outweigh all of the bad!!


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