How we prep for a travel day

If you’ve read my previous blog Travelling toddlers – what have we done!! you will understand how hectic travel days can be and how important it is to be prepared.

We are heading off to Archers Point in FNQ for a few days so I’m getting the boys organised. To do that I’m packing their toys and lunch/snacks for the car. The boys love their personalised lunch box and backpack from HippoBlue. Having them personalised makes them feel special and helps with getting them to eat their lunch.

We are lucky enough to have kids that don’t stop eating all day so we are used to making sure we have food handy at all times. I generally have in the car or my hand bag 6 packets of sultanas, a packet of rice cakes, 2 cut up apples and thats just get get us 10 mins down the road. On travel days I add a couple of sandwiches and some extra fruit and hope that gets us through till lunch time.

Once I’ve packed the “morning snack” its generally my job to organise the back seat. Apparently Nicho’s OCD can’t handle the kids mess, personally I think its just a poor excuse to get out of it! I neatly arrange enough toys and books in arms reach to keep them occupied for a good fews hours and it literally takes 20 secs for them to throw everything around the car and start asking for me to pick them up again, so on goes the wiggles and the fun begins!

Our kids are really into activity books and puzzles at the moment so I am super excited that HippoBlue do them and card games. As soon as I finished this post I will be putting in an order!! How life changes when you become a Mum.img_3860

When it comes to packing up on the day its taken us a bit of trial and error to get it right and to be honest I’m still not sure if we have it “right” but heres what we have learnt so far.

  • If you are using a new trailer/van allow a couple of hours the first few times, we generally knocked off about 30mins each pack up.
  • Pack up what you can the night before when the kids are in bed.
  • If you have younger kids time car trips around their naps, we started off leaving around between 10 and 11 but then we would end up getting to our next stop too late. We then changed it so we left earlier then stopped for a coffee/smoothie let the kids run around and then they slept the rest of the way (that was the plan anyway). DSC02613.JPG

Hope these tips can help in some way even if it is just to have a laugh at as and our struggle, just like the people next to us did the first time we were setting up in the dark and then packed up our camp site in the rain on moving day.

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Travelling toddlers – what have we done!! 

Is road tripping around Australia with a 1 and 2 year old as bad as it sounds????

The answer is yes!!

But it’s currently 4 degrees in Melbourne and trying to do anything with 2 toddlers is a nightmare so I know where I would rather be!!

If you have ever been in a car with a toddler (specially one of ours) you can understand why I would rather be tied to the roof than be in the front seat of the car on travel days.

If not picture this, wiggles playing on repeat, (I could just finish there as no body over the ages of 3 wants to listen to the wiggles at all let alone on repeat for 6 hours), breaking my back turning around every 5 seconds to either, break up a fight pick up a toy thats been thrown on the floor (for the 100th time), pass them food, pass them a drink, hold hands, calm one down from screaming for no reason then calm the other down just because they both can’t be happy at the same time and I’m sure you get the picture by now!

Theses are the days I honestly think “what have we done?”!!!! So we worked out we should just stay at places longer and travel shorter distances.

The days we don’t travel, well they are great! I mean we still have a million tantrums and  toddler melt downs but one I don’t have to do it alone and two I’m camping so I can just have a drink and no body is judging me.

Despite all of that, this has been the best experience for us all. The boys are learning and developing so much, Theodore who was diagnosed with a speech delay now doesn’t shut up just 6 weeks later, Vinnie is walking and talking and has gone from a baby to a cheeky toddler and although they might not remember much of this trip, the benefits outweigh all of the bad!!